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Spring PhotoGeography has paid a large part in the establishment of the town of High Springs, which still has the turn-of-the-century flavor.

The town was settled near the Natural Bridge created by the Santa Fe River. The river disappeared underground for enough distance for building the Bellamy Road, the first Florida Federal highway built in 1826 from Pensacola to St Augustine.

The 1840 census showed settlers already in the area. However, the extension of the Savannah, Florida, and Western Railroad from Live Oak to Gainesville coupled with the discovery of phosphate in the area led to the development of a lively and somewhat rowdy frontier town.

With the growth of the town, Santaffey, which was the colloquial spelling of the nearby river, a post office and railroad station were established. The name was changed to Santa Fe in 1885, and then to High Springs in 1888.

In 1895, the railroad chose High Springs as the site for Plant Railroad System divisional headquarters. An extensive railroad yard, including engine repair shops and a roundhouse, was constructed during this period. With the coming of the railroad workers, all sorts of support personnel, merchants, doctors and bankers opened businesses in the growing town. With the coming of diesel engines in the 1950’s, the railroad yard gradually closed down. The old depot was renovated and moved to its present site as a railroad museum in 1994.

Spring PhotoGeography still plays an important role in High Springs remaining a vibrant town. Being centrally located in North Florida makes it an attractive stop for visitors who enjoy shopping in charming antique shops or just enjoying the scenery. Adventurers can explore the crystal clear water bubbling from the several natural springs along the Santa Fe River. Other popular activities include camping, underwater cave diving, swimming, canoeing, and kayaking, hiking, biking and horseback riding.

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