For Sellers - Selling Your Home or Property

Marketing Factors

The role of the real estate community
The entire real estate community includes all of the companies, offices, and agents in the marketplace. They work together to sell property in an incredibly efficient system of sharing information.

The multiplying effects of the community will increase the promotion that is done on each and every property in the marketplace. It brings purchasers into the home buying process and after qualifying them to their wants, needs, and abilities, they can be directed toward the home that meets their requirements.

The pricing and positioning in the marketplace
Purchasers have a tendency to want to look at all of the available properties that meet their criteria. They will compare the homes according to value for price, condition, and appeal.

Even if the buyers are not familiar with prices in a particular area, after seeing a few homes, it is easy to determine whether a home is priced correctly.

Supply and demand has a direct effect on pricing, The subject property must be favorably priced based on location, condition, and terms compared to the other homes that a buyer will consider and examine.

The role of the marketing coordinator
The agent’s objective is to get your home sold, not necessarily to be the one to actually sell it. The sheer number of other agents makes it more likely that someone else will sell it.

The listing Agent’s job as marketing coordinator will be to manage the sale to maximize promotional efforts, represent the seller’s interests, and to use their experience to make the transaction go smoothly.

We Have Mutual Objectives … to sell your home …

At the highest possible price
The average Sales Price to List price ratio experienced on my listings is higher than the average of the Multiple Listing Service. The benefit to you is more money after all of the expenses have been deducted.

In the shortest possible time
The average time on the market experience on my listings is less than the average of the Multiple Listing Service. The benefit is that your home will sell in a shorter period of time so that you receive your equity sooner.

With the most favorable terms
Negotiating the most favorable terms regarding mortgage fees, settlement fees, possession, and personal property can be as important as the price. The benefit of third party negotiation can be of the most effective services offered by an agent, and I have been involved in the negotiation of financial contracts for over thirty five years.

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